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We are writing on behalf of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers,
Local 595, Plumbers ,r and request the above documents pursuant to section 6253(a) of the Act. In
addition, we request these materials pursuant to Article I, section 3ft) of the
California Constitution, which provides a constitutional right of access to
information concerning the conduct of the government. Article I, section 3(b)
provides that any statutory right to information shall be broadly construed to
provide the greatest access to government information and further requires that
any statute that limits the right of access to information be narrowly construed.
In responding to this request, please bear in mind that any exemptions from
disclosure the City may believe to be applicable are to be narrowly construed.2 If
the City declines to produce any of the requested documents on the grounds of an
exemption, please bear in mind that the Public Records Act imposes a duty on the
City to distinguish between the exempt and the non-exempt portion of any such
records, and to attempt in good faith to redact the exempt portion and to disclose
the balance of such documents.s Please bear in mind further that should the City
choose to withhold any document from disclosure, the City has a duty under
Government Code section 6255, subd. (a) to 'Justi$r withholding any record by
demonstrating that the record in question is exempt under express provisions" of
the Public Records Act or that "the public interest served by not disclosing the
record clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure of the record."a
The City may not seek recovery of costs for any staff time related to responding to
this Public Records Act request.s

If any of the requested items are available on the Internet, we request that
the City direct us to the appropriate URL web address or other site for accessing the
documents. Pursuant to Government Code section 6253.9, if the requested
documents are in electronic format and are 10 MB or less (or can be easily broken
into chunks of 10 MB or less), please email them as attachments. We request

5110 Telegraph Avenue Project (PLN1507a) by the Nautilus Group/Brian Caruso in Oakland. The Assessor Parcel Numbers for the project site are 014-122600902 and 014-122601300. The proposal is for 185 residential units and 50,000 square feet of commercial space - Amber Danielle-Rose Todd

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