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Under the California Public Records Act, I am hereby requesting contracts, grant applications, policies, memos, datasets and any and all documents associated with the use of stringrays and related devices (aka AmberJack, KingFish, Harpoon or an IMSI catcher) pursuant to cellphone monitoring and tracking within the city of Oakland. (See:

Presuming that OPD does employ such devices, specifically I would like to know how many devices are in use, under what circumstances they can and have been deployed, what oversight exists for their use, what cases of abuse have been reported (if any). I would also like to know on what occasions the OPD has shared such data with local prosecutors and/or federal authorities, and what data was shared.

I would also like to know the occasions and frequency of the use of "tower dumps" performed for the benefit of the OPD, and how much was paid for this service.

If the city does not employ such stingray devices, I would like to know if the OPD or any city official has been in contact with any vendor or government agency exploring the possibility of procuring such devices. In such a case, I would like to receive a copy of all such correspondence.

As a journalist acting in the public interest I would request a fee waiver. Further, in the interests of saving taxpayer funds, I would request that all data and documents be communicated electronically.

If specific portions of any documents are exempt from disclosure, please provide the non-exempt portions and please provide a statutory reason as to why those records are exempt.



Cyrus Farivar
"suh-ROOS FAR-ih-var"

Senior Business Editor, Ars Technica

Please respond. Thanks! -Cyrus Farivar - Requester

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Amber Fuller
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